About Us

Practical Systems was established under a subsidiary of Speedo Marine. Established in 1972, Speedo Marine is a supplier of an extensive range of industrial equipment and products. Over the years of business in this industry, we have come to be known as a reliable and trusted supplier providing high quality and effective products and services. 


Speedo Marine is a major supplier of an extensive range of industrial equipment and products. Established in 1972, we have since been providing quality products and top-notch service to our valuable customers, majority of whom come from the marine, oil and gas, petrochemical, aerospace, construction, automobile, as well as furniture industries. In the early 2000’s, Speedo Marine worked hand in hand with its sister company in Shanghai to venture into the LNG industries in China, providing offshore supply of insulation materials. In recent years, we have also acquired our own hose manufacturing line, producing hoses for the marine industry. As a result of cumulative experience, Speedo Marine today enjoys a reputation of being the leading supplier committed to providing these industries with the best services and products in the field.


Embracing our values of reliability, integrity, and efficiency, we aim to meet our customers’ satisfaction through on-time deliveries, fast response, and quality service. To provide greater convenience to our customers, our products are available through our wide network of companies located in Australia (various cities), Malaysia (Johor Bahru), Indonesia (Surabaya) and China (Shanghai, for insulation material).

We specialise in:

Spraying and Painting Equipment

Graco Airless, Air-assisted, Air Spray, HVLP & Electrostatic Spray Equipment, Reactor (Foam & Polyurea), Plural Component 2K Spray Equipment, Electric Airless, Petrol Gas Airless Spray Equipment, Texture Spray Equipment, Line Marking Equipment, Hydraclean and Pressure Washer /Asahi Airless Spray Equipment / Pressure Pot Tank, Air Spray Gun, Agitator / Flotech Airless Spray Equipment, Paint Hos


Blast Chamber & Tank Coating Equipment

Speedo Dehumidifier, Vacuum Recovery Machine, Autoblast Machine, Blast Chamber & Paint Booth, Dust Collector


Blasting Equipment

Speedo Blasting Equipment and Blasting Spares, Blast Hose, Blast Nozzle, Air Cooler, After Cooler /RPB Astro Blast Helmet / Marco (BlastOne)Remote Control System / EcoQuip Wet Blast Machine / Clemco Blasting Equipment and Accessories

Fluid Handling Equipment

Graco Diaphragm & Transfer Pump, Paint Supply Circulation Pump, Sanitary & Food Process Equipment, Sealant & Adhesive Equipment, Lubrication Equipment / Flotech Diaphragm Pump


Measuring and Testing Instruments

Testing & Inspection Equipment / Coating Dry Film Thickness Gauge (DFT), Wet Film Thickness Gauge (WFT) / Surface Profile Gauge, Testex Snap Gauge, Surface Comparator & Disc / Humidity, Dewpoint & Surface Temperature Gauge, Pinhole, Holiday Tester / Elcometer Testing & Inspection Equipment


Blasting Media & Abrasives

 Abrasives / Steel Shot & Steel Grit / Garnet